The realm of luxury SUVs is dominated by the one-of-a-kind Bentley Bentayga, from the interior appointments that make it both incredibly comfortable and innovative—such as the beautifully handcrafted wood veneers and luxurious custom leather interiors—to the connected features that make your Bentley a technological wonder as well as one of sheer craftsmanship.

It’s also one of the most powerful luxury SUVs on the road as well, with the Bentayga V8 twin-turbo W12 engine delivering over 600 horsepower that provides you with a captivating ride wherever you venture. And for those who want the most luxurious SUV of planet Earth, the Bentayga Mulliner edition provides the interior feel of its namesake and the performance that Bentayga is known for.

However, Bentley will always push the limits of what is possible with luxury and performance. Motor Authority recently revealed that Bentley is getting ready to add a new Bentayga to their line-up, focused on speed and performance. Known as the Bentayga Speed, the twin turbo W12 engine seems likely to get an upgrade to allow it to go well over 600 hp, as well as other speed-focused enhancements such as a souped-up exterior look, flashier colors, and a more race-inspired cockpit. It’s sure to be a powerhouse with an interior that feels like a penthouse.

And when that new Bentayga hits the market, rest assured that Fields Motorcars Orlando will have it available for you to experience for yourself. As always, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will provide the excellent service and lasting support you’ve come to expect from Orlando, FL’s leading provider of luxury vehicles on the market. Stop in today to test drive the new 2019 Bentayga for yourself, and imagine just what more is in store when the sports model hits the market.