Fields Motorcars Orlando is the trusted source you go to find a Bentley for sale in Orlando, FL. Whether you’re looking for the new 2019 Bentley Bentayga, or the pulse-pounding 2018 Bentley GT Convertible, you’re sure to find the vehicle of your dreams at our premier Tampa Bentley dealership.  But today, we want to show off the sheer power that Bentley is known for, and just what it can do when unleashed upon the track.

The second-generation Bentley Continental GT3 is a powerhouse of precision design and elite engineering. For awhile now, it has been searching for an avenue to prove itself, and it did so with the Blancpain GT Series’ 6-Hour Race at Paul Ricard. The 1,000-km race saw the new second-gen Bentley sports car win second place, the first podium placement for the GT3 since its release.

However, despite having an incredible performance at the race, the Continental GT3 also blasted out the fastest lap on the track, and that particular GT3 ended up getting Bentley Team M-Sport into the top five going into the last hour of the race.

While this is an important win for the new Continental GT3, the elite racers that make up Bentley Team M-Sport must be recognized for their excellence. “I’m very pleased with the performance of the drivers,” Bentley Director of Motorsport Brian Gush said. “We can take a lot of encouragement and confidence from our all-round performance this weekend, and of course celebrate the new car’s first silverware.”

And you can try out a new 2018 Bentley GT3 for yourself right here at Fields Motorcars Orlando! Stop by our showroom for a test drive today and discover for yourself just what you’re missing out on by not being behind the wheel.