Fields Motorcars Orlando loves representing the most venerable luxury and exotic brands to our wonderful Orlando, FL customers; you probably won’t find a better selection of Lamborghini vehicles in central Florida, from the powerful Lamborghini Aventador to the iconic Lamborghini Huracan. And while these exotic masterpieces are known for their power and style, Lamborghini is always upping the ante, and that’s why we’re here today.

Head of Lamborghini Stefano Domencali said some time ago that there will be Lamborghini hybrids coming our way, but we could never have seen this coming: a hybrid hypercar in the works at Lamborghini. A monstrous hybrid V12 is also coming, which is what’s supposed to be the successor of the Lamborghini Aventador. As reported by Road and Track, the newest vehicle they have in development is codenamed LB48H, and it’s set at a modest price tag of three million.

Oh, and it’s going to glow in the dark. Yes, you read that right.

Since Lamborghini is getting ready to use electricity more and more to run their powerful engines, there’s speculation that this may very well lead to the abandonment of traditional batteries in favor of supercapacitors to provide the power needed and a range that isn’t prohibitive. This hypercar has already been shown to be possible in concept with the Terzo Millenio, a vehicle Lamborghini created in collaboration with MIT. However, that vehicle seems even more ambitious than LB48H, so we’re definitely going to be seeing some amazing new things from Lamborghini in the future.

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