We at Fields Motorcars Orlando are honored to provide our customers in the Central Florida area with some of the best luxury autos on the road today. Whether you’re looking to roll in luxury with vehicles like the 2019 Rolls Royce Phantom, or the blistering speed and aggressive style of exotic autos like the Lamborghini Aventador, we carry everything you desire.

When it comes to off-road capability combining with the peerless luxury synonymous with Rolls-Royce, you think about the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. The relative newcomer to the lineup has provided fans of Sport Utility Vehicles and iconic Rolls-Royce luxury with a powerful engine, dynamic drivetrain, and ultra-smooth suspension augmented with the unabashed comfort and beautiful design of a Rolls-Royce. And now, it seems like that package could get even better.

Rolls-Royce has been seemingly resistant to adding hybrid models to its lineup for years now, but it sounds like that’s changing, with the possibility of a Rolls-Royce Cullinan Hybrid. Even more groundbreaking, it seems the current 563-horsepower engine might even get a boost from the new powertrain, which goes against expectations for normal hybrid offering from other vehicle manufacturers.

Since we’re talking other Rolls-Royce rumors, it also seems that people think we might be getting an SUV to fit into a smaller role than the Cullinan, possibly creating an opulent crossover ultra-luxury SUV that’s all Rolls-Royce.

It’s pretty intriguing news, and we’re excited to see what comes of these rumors. If they’re any indication of things to come, we’re sure that there’s always going to be some very interesting things going on at Rolls-Royce. If you want to discover Rolls-Royce for yourself, come by our Orlando, FL Rolls-Royce dealership for the best service and best vehicles. See you soon!