When you’re looking to purchase a new vehicle at Fields Motorcars Orlando, it’s fair to say that you’re not going to buy one of our cars in one massive cash payment. This is where financing comes into play, and we are here to assist at our Orlando, FL Rolls-Royce dealership. Today, we want to tell you how you can begin the process of making your dreams into reality, and how Fields Motorcars of Orlando can help.

Whether you come into our finance department physically or via the web, applying for an auto loan follows the same pattern. You need to figure out how much you want to ask for, and then determine, roughly, how much you can pay monthly on the loan. Credit rating is also vital – while Fields Motorcars does finance to all credit ratings, the better your credit, the lower your interest rate will be. This means more money spent toward the total of the auto loan and less spent on interest, which is why checking your credit score will be an important first step. Next, you want to determine how long you want the loan to be for. Most car loans can be repaid in anywhere from three to six years, and the longer the loan, the less you pay each month.

From there, you will need to be pre-approved for said loan. You can come into the Fields Motorcars Orlando finance department and work with us directly, or apply right here on our website. We have an expert staff of finance specialists who will work with our partnered lenders and financial institutions to get you a loan and on a payment schedule that’s perfect for you and your budget. Come in today to learn more or start the process!