At Fields Motorcars Orlando, we know what it means to care for our customers with the utmost diligence. From accidents to even the smallest inconvenience, we’re always going the extra mile for our central Florida customers. So when life’s little problems like changing a flat tire come your way, we want to make sure you know what to do before, during, and after the problem occurs.

When you get a flat, you could be still driving when it happens. When it does, maintaining control is vital. Slow down, and try to get to a safe area to attach your spare. Once you’re stopped and safe, locate your spare tire. Most spare kits have a spare, a hand-operated scissor jack, and a tire iron. That’s all you’ll need to get the job done.

First, you need to get the jack put in place, on the frame of the vehicle. From there, you want to turn the knob on the jack until it raises the wheel off of the ground, allowing you to remove the tire. You will need to remove the lug nuts as well as unlock any locking lugs you may have installed. Once the lugs are removed, take the tire off. Try to put the spare in place – if it’s too low, you need to adjust the jack accordingly. With the wheel studs in place, put your spare in and evenly finger-tighten the new lug nuts. Let the car off of the jack, and use your tire iron to secure the lugs.

Once the operation is done, it’s time for you to head to our Orlando, FL car service center. We’ll perform a thorough once-over of your vehicle and make sure nothing else has been damaged. We can also assess the damages sustained to your wheel – determine if it needs to be replaced, or if you just need a new tire. Flat tires happen to every vehicle, but Fields Motorcars Orlando is here to make sure this will be an inconvenience that you’ll quickly forget about.