Fields Motorcars Orlando has always been about selling the best luxury autos and exotic autos to the Orlando, FL community. And as such, one of our most popular models has been the Rolls-Royce Ghost. Well, after model year 2020, the Ghost is due for its first redesign. Being one of the most successful models Rolls-Royce has had to date, they couldn’t let this occasion go unlauded, so Rolls-Royce is bidding farewell to the original Ghost the only way Rolls-Royce knows how: The 2020 Rolls-Royce Ghost Zenith Collection.

Only 50 of these vehicles will ever be made, and to distinguish them above their model mates, each Zenith Ghost will be outfitted with blueprint engravings of the 200EX concept (the vehicle that would become Ghost), a unique shooting star headliner with intricate hand-sewn fiber optics that provide motion to the iconic Rolls-Royce star headliner, and an ingot badge made from the 200EX’s Spirit of Ecstasy to denote its number out of 50 in the Zenith Collection. The custom analog clock next to the center console also has Zenith branding, and the wood accents in the cabin have a striking, transitionary feel to the detail used, which you cannot find on any other Rolls (or any other vehicle) out there.

The Zenith Ghost’s tires get to rest on beautiful 21-inch part polished wheels, and the Spirit of Ecstasy proudly sports the words “GHOST ZENITH,” engraved at its base. The Zenith Ghost has three unique colorways available to them, providing visible exclusivity without needing to get into the cabin. Once you’re in the backseat, you’ll also notice the embroidery of the rear seats has been upgraded, and when you shut the door, the illuminated door pockets will help softly guide you to where you left your things.

As the 1st generation of Rolls-Royce Ghost enters its swan song, we are excited for what’s to come, and we will be thrilled to offer you the new Rolls-Royce Ghost as soon as it’s available at our Orlando Rolls-Royce dealership.