At Fields Motorcars Orlando, we’re usually not taken to speaking towards matters of finance. However, we do believe that any and all persons who wish to be behind the exquisite luxury motorcars and exotic autos on our lot should have the chance to. And today, we want to give our customers a quick overview of what our expert finance department does, and most importantly, how it can get you behind the wheel of new or pre-owned autos like the 2019 Rolls-Royce Phantom and more.

Firstly, we value those who return to find their next vehicle with us. If you purchased a vehicle from Fields Motorcars Orlando previously, it is much easier for us to find a forgiving lender as well as an interest rate that won’t make things untenable. If you are still in the process of paying off a loan, we can do a trade-in simply and effortlessly and explore refinancing options or contract term adjustment. At Fields Motorcars Orlando, we want you to feel good with the vehicle you have even when you’re not driving it.

Also, we do work tirelessly for all our customers, with all of their individual credit ratings. Good, Bad, Neutral, no credit – we do our best to find you a rate that fits your score and makes sure that you can do what you need to get the vehicle of your dreams.

After all, that is what we are in the business of here in Orlando, FL – we sell the motorcars everyone knows to be dream cars. It’s a position of privilege, and we work tirelessly to make every customer’s dreams come true. If you’re looking to buy a pre-owned or new luxury auto, stop into our Orlando Rolls-Royce dealership today to discover what miracles our people can work for you.