We’re all about creating the best experience possible when it comes to finding dream luxury autos for our Orlando customers, and indeed, across central Florida. Part of that mystique comes from the storied history these vehicles possess, and today, Fields Motorcars Orlando wants to share some facts about Rolls-Royce that might make you respect them even more.

1.    Some Rolls-Royces are nuclear-powered.

British submarines use nuclear reactors created by Rolls-Royce, making them technically the largest engines the company has ever built. We hear they ride like a dream.

2.    Rolls-Royce had no small part in winning World War II.

Based on the previous statement, it might not surprise you that Rolls-Royce also makes airplane engines. Rolls-Royce Defence Aerospace, the military arm that separated from Rolls-Royce Motorcars in 1973, still makes some of the best jet engines on the market today. But when they were one company, Rolls created the Merlin 66 engine that powered the greatest fighter plane of that era, the P-51 Mustang. They were key for maintaining air superiority in both the European and Pacific Fronts, with one infamous enemy being quoted as saying “When I saw Mustangs over Berlin, I knew the jig was up.”

3.    The Spirit of Ecstasy holds a deep secret.

Commissioned by John Montagu and crafted by sculptor Charles Sykes, the Spirit of Ecstasy is an icon that stands for the power, grace, and beauty that Rolls Royce embodies. What’s not known is that Sykes modeled it after the woman Montagu was having an affair with, mutual friend Eleanor Thornton. The affair was eventually condoned by Montagu’s wife, Lady Cecil, and “Thorn” grew to be a dear friend of the family, sadly torn away in 1915 when the ship she and Montagu were sailing on was destroyed by a German U-Boat. She is now memorialized on the hood of every Rolls-Royce.

With such a diverse and interesting history, it’s hard to imagine Rolls-Royce as being anything less than the premiere automaker it has always been. If you’d like to experience them for yourself, simply come into our Orlando Rolls-Royce dealership and feel the Spirit’s embrace for yourself.