Our dealers at Fields Motorcars Orlando always want to make sure you have the knowledge you need to keep your luxury car in peak condition. With the weather changing, some maintenance tasks can get missed, like battery upkeep. There are a lot of factors that can affect the battery of your Rolls Royce, which can determine when you need to change it, so we want to give you a couple tips so you can be more prepared.

A battery’s ability to retain a charge is very dependent on a lot of factors, some of which you can control and some you cannot. Take the weather, for example. Did you know a battery lasts longer in cold climates than hot ones? A battery can last for five years or more in a cool climate, but in hot and humid climates like Orlando, batteries can be expected to last maybe three years, due to the heat degrading it much faster.

If you have a tendency to drive your Rolls Royce short distances while using a lot of battery powered features like climate control, navigation, or a rear screen infotainment system, you can drain your battery quicker than the alternator can generate a charge. If this tends to be a habit, try to leave your vehicle with the engine on for a few moments before you leave the vehicle to give the alternator time to warm up.

A way to always make sure your Rolls Royce is in top condition is to have it scheduled for routine maintenance at our Orlando, FL Rolls Royce dealership. Our experts make testing your battery part of every inspection, so you can rest assured that we’re taking care of it and replacing it if need be. Make an appointment today!