At Fields Motorcars Orlando, we’re always making sure our customers are getting the best price on their new luxury autos. Whether it’s a 2019 Rolls Royce Phantom or a new Lamborghini, we’re here to make sure that your money goes further and provides you with the best luxury experience that you deserve. Today, we want to cover the basics of financing and show you how Fields Motorcars Orlando works to save you money throughout each step of the process.

At its root, the finance process allows you to take out an auto loan from a financial institution that’s negotiated at the dealership. Fields Motorcars Orlando has a wide network of financial institutions to provide you with an automotive loan that is ideal for your needs. The monthly payment for your vehicle will vary depending on a number of features, such as the amount financed, the amount you provide as a down payment, your credit score, and the interest rate of the loan. We’re dedicated to finding you a loan term that fits your budget, so you can expect us to work with you to find a payment that makes every party happy.

When it comes to improving your down payment, a trade-in can boost your down payment greatly and even act as your down payment as a whole, depending on the vehicle’s value. Fields Motorcars Orlando always makes sure you get the most for your trade, so your investment goes as far as possible.

Come in to our Orlando Rolls-Royce dealership to speak to one of our experts in our finance department. We’ll provide you with the path that’s right for you to bring home the luxury auto of your dreams.